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November 8th, 2023

Continuing efforts feeding people and providing medicine has taken place today. Also we have been cleaning up the Secret Garden (see video and pictures) where our popular event Anarchapulco takes place in February every year and is slated to take place again on February 11th in 2024 with the fitting name “Reborn”.

We are still planning out how to best shift our efforts towards rebuilding and cleaning up and should be able to really focus our efforts there soon.

Some super markets have now opened up in Acapulco although with restrictions on how much each person can buy and more are slated to open up within the next week or two. More areas are also getting electricity and water although the more outlying areas still have no service. Internet services are down in most of Acapulco but we have Starlinks in our home base (Jeff Berwick’s house) which has been of great help getting organized.

Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared our message! Stay tuned for more updates soon.