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November 9th, 2023

Today I thought I would bring you a couple of updates directly from our teams on the ground:

Brent here. Finally back! Today’s work consisted of 8am in Colosio to drive an elder and his fam to their home in rena for cleaning. Just got back from that because one quick favor using the pump to give water turned into filling water for 6 houses all day long Thanks @nickattheave for accompanying me and fixing the hose. Felt like we didnt do much because yesterday we sweat a lot though now more than 6 families are set with water for at least a week!  My friend Miguel from Acapulquito Reggae / Palma De Coco / Cinema Dorado lives close so I stopped by to check in on him and his wife who are expecting a baby very soon. Thank God they are doing well and Miguel played a little song for us!

And from Paul:

We distributed 70 packs of mostly Anarchapulco Otis Recovery food today to a very grateful community in Colonia 13 de junio. Plus dog and cat food donated by my wife Frida. No government assistance gets up here and still no power or water. The elderly residents were especially grateful. We have more photos and videos of the people collecting on another phone in case it is useful. Other than 15 mini SOS food packs we have on standby our food deliveries are a wrap!

That is all for today, I will post another update tomorrow.

You can watch the video (all clips put together as one video) and pictures below.