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On October 25th, at 1am, Acapulco was hit by a massive hurricane that erupted into a Category 5 from a tropical storm in a matter of hours and hit Acapulco with a population of nearly 1 million people in the middle of the night with no warning from the media.

This is a rapidly moving situation and we will update regularly here on our progress and needs.

Today on October 26th we are just getting our first look at the damage and it is almost complete destruction. The Mexican government is keeping the media out of Acapulco and hardly any help or supplies is coming in. Almost all stores were destroyed in the storm and there is currently not even any food or water and very little power or communication.

Jeff Berwick, and the team from Anarchapulco, have been working in Acapulco for decades and raised funds and brought people to help for a prior hurricane in Acapulco, have supported the Marsh Children’s Home and their 200 orphans and helped out numerous communities who also received no help from the government or from the outside.

They are rushing in supplies and people with their own funds currently but this is a massive disaster and we need all the help we can get. Currently, most funds received will purchase food, water and supplies from Chilpancingo to be transported in and taken to the most hard hit areas first.

This is a rapidly moving situation and we will update regularly here on our progress and needs.

Use the GoFundMe above to donate or donate via crypto to the addresses below

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Recovery Effort

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