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November 10th, 2023

Today we have an update from the field. Brent and Nick doing cleanup and repairs in the turtle farm and a local business to get it up and running again.

8:45pm. Brent here. Days over, started at 830am getting Leo.  Leo is a 19 year old local who we helped who joined us in helping others.. We went to the turtle sanctuary to finish building the corral. Nick joined us again and we finished by 4pm.  Next Nick Leo and I head over to Colosio with the water pump to clean a local lavanderia / laundromat. The whole entire region of this colonia was under about 6 feet of water and the walls have the stains to prove it. We removed all the machines, cleaned the walls and floors and even filled some neighbors up with water as well. The lady who owns it is so happy now and we are happy to support local businesses.  It’s really a beautiful thing and i’m definitely ready for bed. Goodnight and thanks again to everyone for helping us support the people and animals of beautiful Acapulco. Many buildings are destroyed, yet our spirits grow stronger.   And the sunsets are still incredible  Hasta Mañana mis amores #GuerillaHealer

We were also able to buy and deliver more much needed medicine and get more food and necessaries out to people that are outside the areas of where the army and other organizations work to distribute food, medicine and do clean up.

You can watch the video (all clips put together as one video) and pictures below.

We also have an update from Jeff Berwick who just spent some days in Acapulco organizing the help and recovery efforts. Watch it below.