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November 1st, 2023

We now have an established hub at Jeff Berwick’s house. Generators are running and we have Starlink internet there now which will help vastly with organizing. We are now going to funnel all help through our basecamp and into the areas most affected that we can reach. We have purchased a lot of machetes and shovels in order to get into some of the areas that are still cut off. More volunteers are arriving every day and the aid we can provide grows.

Some larger purchases of medicine and items for infants like milk and diapers have been done and we are making bags of goods that we are handing out and also continuing with our soup kitchens. We are working on procuring some trucks so that we can get more volume in. Right now we are using normal cars and only have a few vans, so it is a bit of a bottleneck. As always, thank you for your donations. Keep them coming as this is not a quick or easy fix. We are making a difference!